After his traumatic past with women, Simon is looking forward to entering the priesthood and is having his final interview with two of the head nuns. Unfortunately, Sister Scarlet has heard about his "run-ins" with the opposite sex and is very concerned he won't be able to stick to his vow of celibacy. She decides to conduct a test and takes him into the next room where Sister Sascha is conduting choir practice with six students. The head nun gives Sister Sascha instructions to give Simon the "test" and leaves, saying she will check on his progress shortly. Before he knows what is happening Sascha has commanded the six schoolgirls to start undressing him and their hands are all over him pulling his clothes off. Simon tries to stop them but there are too many and soon they pull his underwear down and laugh at him standing there naked. They pull his hands away from his groin and start taking it in turns to play with his cock, asking him if he REALLY wants to give up sex and enter the priesthood. Even gorgeous Sister Sascha joins in playing with his cock and trying to corrupt him and it's not long before they succeed - making him cum all over himself. Just then, Sister Scarlet comes back in and is furious at this "disgusting man defiling himself in front of her young ladies" and throws him out vowing he will never enter the priesthood.

7 minute(s), 58 second(s)


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